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So on the TBI and carb B bodies dual alternators can be done with minimal work. The second alternator simply bolts in where the smog pump used to be. There are a few major concerns to be dealt with if doing this tho. 1 You must use a CS130 alt, but the B Body alt will not fit up there without extensive modification. The alternator out of a 89-92 Camaro with the 3.1 V6 works excellently. 2 The fan will hit the bracket. About 1/2 and inch or so needs to be shaved off. Its soft aluminum this is pretty easy. 3. The bolt pattern is off by about 1/2 an inch. The top hole in the bracket will need to be slotted and a large flange head bolt or a bolt and grade 8 washer used.

Make sure the pulleys line up perfectly. if not youll throw a belt. You will also need a 95.5 inch belt and a different belt routing.

The tricky part for me was wiring the regulator. Couldnt find relevant info on the internet, so I tried it my way by splicing the two wires into the two wires off the stock regulator this does not work!!!!

I ended up following the vague schematic that came with the alternator. and picking up a new plug for 7 bucks. the red wire goes straight to the battery and is used as a voltage sensing wire. The black and brown wires get a 300-500 ohm resistor wired across. Then an indicator light off of that if you wish(not necessary but I did it for troubleshooting purposes.) Then the brown and white wire from the original alt gets spliced into the black wire off the aftermarket plug. Plug gets snapped in, then start it up.

Throughout working on this project I found out that the stock tensioner sucks! snapped in half on me. Replaced with a Dayco No slack.

Somewhere throughout the production of the CS130 Chevy decided to switch from a metal internal fan to plastic, which decided to explode on my original alternator. Warantees are good for something after all.

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