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Hello, I bought a 1968 impala a year and a half ago and am finally starting to work on it. Had my foot amputated and it delayed me progress. Anyway, wife is military and we just got orders to Guam. I am trying to get the impala buttoned you and odds and ends met for transport to Guam. A requirement is that the car has the DOT stick that shows manufacture date, GVWR, and VIN and such. Previous owner removed those when stripping the paint. I can find many companies to reprint them, but they require an image to work from. To simple reprint the information.

My impala doesn’t have one to start. I m searching for anyone with an exact, or almost exact match to my car that can send me an image of their door jam decals. Obviously you can blur out your VIN. I have my own, but I need a starting point.
My Impala was from factory: 2 Door hardtop coupe (fastback)
307 SBC with a 3 on the tree manual.

I believe this is a fairly common configuration, but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

also, I tried calling GM even because the chevy dealerships could not help. Got no help from GM. They told me the vehicle was too old for those records to be available digitally, and that the archives department is currently not working due to COVID-19.
I m in a rush to get it resolved as we might have to leave as soon are June, and who knows how long COVID is going to hang around at this point.

please and thank you, and help is appreciated. Thanks.
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