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I used to own a 99 Grand am bought it brand new paid cash but it was metallic British racing green
Then Xerox made 13,000 people redundant and I had to take a job in England so I sold the car after only having it 6 short months.
It was sweet went like a rocket stopped on a dime.
I was put into company cars over here and had to change every 6 weeks one of the best cars I have ever driven is the Vauxhaul Vectra faster then my grand am handling was tighter too.
While driving in France I had it up to 150mph
The best new car I ever had in the US was a grand am
When ever I go back the the states I always try to rent a grand am and have had 2 gold ones.
I love cars all sorts of cars
If you have a car you want to show to the world you can post it on my web site along with world class race cars
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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