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getting hot?? have changed thermostat..could it still be sticking?? it hasnt got hot enough to crack head so im sure its not that but we can start it drive it one block and its out of water and getting hot could it be water pump and how can i tell if it is water pump any other reasons why
no water in oil so its not going there
sorry dont want a new truck lol no it doesnt have any steam coming out of tail pipe it got hot one time before all this happened and it was the drain plug was wore out we fixed that and no it was hot for just maybe a block and i stopped at the car wash and called home to get someone to put water in it does run a lil sluggish but its been a great truck really cant afford to put in shop due to ive had vertebres broke in back and have been off work for 4 months just wondering if you have any suggestions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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