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Hey all, I replaced my passenger side Cat Converter today and here is my story. I have 96 caprice
I bought my converter from a not a bad price for the exact fit and with both O2 sisnor bungs unlike going through other companies.
I wasnt too impressed however, they forgot to bore out the bolt holes so that i caould replace the converter. On to the steps.

Safety- I wore prtective eye goggles(You dont want any clumps of grease falling into your eyes. I will tell you first hand that when it gets into your eyes, it will automatically work itsway to the corner of your eye and it hurts getting it out) I also wore a head light[/B

Tools- 15 mm with a 1/2 inch elbow socket and a socket wrench.
1/2 inch socket with a socket wrench
7/8" and 22mm 2-1/2" deep socket-( this is to remove your O2 sensors.

Step1. Under the passenger side, right next to the tire, you will see your converter. Look for both o2 senors and unclip the wiring harness from both. Follow the pipe from the converter leading towards the engine and you will find 3 15mm bolts that will you will be removed after step 2.

Step 2. Start at the converter again and follow the pipe down towards the back of the car and there you will see a bracket with 2 15mm bolts connecting the converter to the exhaust pipe. Those 2 bolts will need to be removed. Once you have removes these bolts go back up to the front of the converter closest to the engine and remove the 3 bolt.
NOTE: Be cautious while removing the bolts from the front of the convrter. it can fall on you and it hurts!

Step 3. With all of the bolts taken off reove the converter. You will have to move the converter around a bit to get the top out.

Step 4. Compare the 2 converters to ensure that your replacement converter will fit. Once you have determined that the new converter will fit, using your 7/8" and 22mm socket, remove your O2 sensors and screw them into your new converter. Make sure that they are screwed in tightly, you want an accurate reading.

Ste 5. When you buy your new converter, it sould come with a new gasket, this is for the front of the converter. Reach up to the area where you removed the front 3 bolts and remove your old gasket, then slide on you new gasket.

Step 6. Start by bolting on the front of your converter first. Screw the bolts back on to the screws but do not tighten them up completley. Just in case you have to take it off for any reason before finishing with the project.

Step 7. Line up the bottom of the converter with with the exhaust pipe and screw your 2 bolts back in through the bracket and into the converter. Before tightening up completley reconnect both O2 senser wiring harnesses.

Step 8. Once both wiring harnesses have been reconnected, go ahead and tighten both front and back bolts of the converter untill tight. You want to make sure that both ends are tight so as not to create any leaks.

Thats all folks, clean your tools, clean yourself and be able to pass smog. Let me know if you have questions, I will be happy to do my best to answer any question.

Please dont go into this project thinking that this is a peice of cake project. I will tell you all that i wasnt paying attention while taking the bolts out and I know have a nice sized knot on my forehead from the converter falling onto my head. It was not fun.


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