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Rear Axle Spring Replacement on the 77-96 Impala, this should work on all B-Body’s.

To replace the springs is fairly easy to do. This procedure was photographed while using a lift and support stand. This can be done at home with floor jacks and jack stands though it will take a little longer to do. I was able to complete this job in 1 ½ hours. May take up to 2 ½ hours if using floor jack and jack stands.

Don’t forget to use Safety Glasses! No telling what dirt you will find under the vehicle.

First raise the vehicle and remove the right tire. (Both tires if dual exhaust)

I recommend removing the attachment bolt on top of the rear axle to prevent the rubber brake line from being over stretch when the axle is lowered.

Now support the center of the axle. If on a lift have a support that is adjustable. If doing this with floor jack then support the vehicle on stands then use the jack to support the axle.

Remove both lower shock bolts from their mounts.

Now lower the stand or jack till the axle hangs freely. Chilton repair manual says to remove the upper control arm link, you can disregard that if you have spring compressors to compress the standard spring. 9C1 springs will come out very easily with out the compressor or removing the upper control arm.

To remove the standard spring I used two spring compressors and my impact wrench. Be very careful since the spring has great force when compressed. You may need a helper to lift up on the one side to remove the spring. Once compressed then tilt the spring so that it can come out between the tail pipe and over the rear drum.

When you are changing out the standard spring to the 9C1 spring do not be surprised that the 9C1 is shorter. But the coil diameter is larger with the 9C1 vs. standard.

Don’t forget to transfer the upper spring rubber bumper to the one going on the car.

Install the replacement spring by making sure the rubber pad stays on top of the spring and put the spring up in place, make sure that is it in the upper pocket and lower saddle of the axle.

Repeat for the left side.

Once both springs are replace then lift the axle up to a point that you can reattach the lower shock bolts back on. Tighten them securely.

Don’t forget to put the bolt back into the brake line block on top of the axle.

Reinstall the tire and torque properly. Steel rims: sedans are 80 lbs., wagons are 100 lbs. Aluminum rims are 100 lbs.

If you have working air shocks do make sure to add at least 10 lbs of air to them.

Enjoy your new springs. I did find that going from standard to 9C1 springs did firm up the ride on the rear axle so if you are changing them as I did do not be surprised by that.

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always wantedto know the differences between the 2 thanx good post
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