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Hi all.
Joined today. First post.
'96 RM WGN w/44K mi.
When I bought this car in S. Cal last February the car had been sitting in a driveway at least 18mo. The A/C blows warm and is noisy on Hi Fan speed.
It was an annoyance then, but now...

No DTC's are stored. Electric A/C clutch engages when asked, and the electric fan motor(s) work fine. Discharge hose to evaporator remains warm as does the accumulator/dryer. System shows full 134A charge.

So I probably have internal compressor failure. Why at 40K mi who knows.
I can replace the compressor, dryer, and orifice tube, but how does a driveway mechanic do the flush/evac? I can find no rental tools.

Which is my best option?
1.) Have a shop do the whole repair. How much am I looking at?
2.) I put in the parts and have a shop do the flush/evac/charge. Again, how much is this service?
3.) another option?


Scott in S. Az
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