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The local used car dealer has what he claims is a 96 Roadmaster Limited wagon w/ 78k on it .He wants 8Gs -too much maybe 6 Gs . The car has a single exhaust and a throttle body. the engine sounds great I'm not positive it came with the car.
I thought that Buick went to direct injection and dual exhausts in 95
I have the same engine in my 92 Estate wagon w/ 197K and I am just looking to up grade to a lower mileage vehicle.
Did Buick use one engine for their limited wagons and another for their estate wagons ?
The engine is a 350 Chevy

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Not sure when they went to DI and dual exhaust, but the 96 definitely did come with the good old 5.7 with dual exhaust. Sounds like either they swapped engines or are claiming an older model is a 96.

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It should have a Chevy LT1 in it with dual exhaust. Check the Distributor Location as it should be on the front of the engine behind the water pump,

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yes there was the 5.7p engine theat was also used in the F body cars and corvettes (optional eng) and the 5.7 throtle body (can't remember vin designation) that was the base eng. most where ordered with the P eng but not all.

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No -

All 96 roadmasters came with the LT1 engine. It is the scaled down version of the LT1 in the Camaro and Corvette.

It should have dual exhausts; however, a cheap fix may have been an aftermarket single exhaust.

A nifty motor.

The waterpump has reverse cooling flow (as compared with other small block based engines)

In the 1994 to 1996 B-body (Impala SS, Caprice and Roadmaster) and D-body (Fleetwood) version, the LT1 engine produced 260 hp (191 kW) and 330 ft·lbf (446Nm).

It will have iron heads and 2-bolt mains, and is 5.7 liters (350 cu. in.

A new vented version of the opti-spark distributor appeared in 1994 on the B-Bodie

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If it truly has a Throttle Body injected engine, and factory single exhaust, then is NOT a 96! If it looks like this:

Then it is unequivocally a 91-93. Worth 3-4 G's at MOST, this being in perfect condition with low miles. If the engine looks like the one in the picture above, and he tells you it's a 96, then he is lying!!!!

All engines on a 96 Roadmaster will look like this:

There were no options for Roadmaster engines in 96. They all had the LT1. They all had dual exhaust from the factory.

Remember, both of these engines are Chevy 350's, but they are extremely different engines.

If it is truly a 96 (which it sounds like it's not,) then for 8 Grand, it better have less than 50K miles, and be 100% rust free.

Unless there is something wrong with your car, 197K, is not all that scary, but when you drive a real 96, with an LT1, you will know it. Even with 2.56 open diff, it will throw you into the back seat if you give it WOT from a dead stop.

Good luck with your search, but this one sounds like a scam and half. (Or someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.)

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ChevyChugg is right, if it's got a throttle body it is not a 96.

Buick engines -
91 - L03/5.0L TBI V8
92-3 - L05/5.7L TBI V8
94-6 - LT1/5.7L MPFI V8

Also, the 91-4 cars had small door mounted mirrors while the 95-6 had the larger fold away window mounted mirrors.

And 91-3 had a different interior than the 94-6 cars.

Oh, and ALL 96's had the big "Collectors Edition" hood ornament.

Good luck with the guy. :wink:
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