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Descreen the Mass Air Sensor

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How do I de-screen the MAS, just punch it out?

Its a 96 BBB SS
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Can you take the thing apart and remove the screen? If having to punch it out I would be very careful not to hurt the sensor itself.
I took it off the car last night and it looks like that you could, yank, :icon_pale: it right out of there. I havent done this before, obviously, and wanted some advise before I go tearing azz into it. It looks press-fitted against the side of the housing of the MAS. I could get a flathead screwdriver in from the other side, and punch it out, but dont want to disturb the tiny precious elements next to it. Is it even worth messing with?
I am not sure that you would actually gain anything by removing it. Maybe a pony or two and 1/4 pound of torque increase, again if even that.
It's probably better to just leave it alone and avoid any idle problems. As you start doing engine mods you'll probably want to upgrade to the larger F body MAF, although some people will disagree, it was a good mod for my set up.

If I remember right the MAF you are talking about works by measuring the the airflow through the screen, but i can't remember how. I believe the screen is integral to the maf working, and if you tear it out, your car won't run right.
Thanks for all the responses
I found a f-body MAF on craigslist for 60 bucks about an hour from my house. I think Im going to go that route.

Again thanks for the info!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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