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Trifecta Performance, founded in 2006 is a leading innovator in the custom tuning space.

Trifecta Performance was the first company to bring a handheld unit to market (called the GT Tuner) that could be used to program vehicles with a full custom tune. Our unique service allows us to offer the convenience of a handheld at the price point of a mail order custom tune.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional mail order tuning, Trifecta Performance then raised the bar again by adding "data logging" support to the GT Tuner. Now, customers ordering from Trifecta Performance are able to use the GT Tuner to obtain live "data logs" from their vehicle and send the information back for analysis. Trifecta Performance is able to essentially "remote tune" the vehicle until the tune is perfect.

Trifecta Performance was also the first company to "crack" the E16A and E37 ECMs used in the 2005+ 2.2L vehicles for the purpose of providing full custom tuning, and is currently the only company able to offer full custom tuning on E16A vehicles.

Trifecta Performance has its roots in the B-body Impala space. Vince, the company owner owns a 1994 Impala SS with the LT4 conversion and many other upgrades. The 1994 Impala SS was also the first vehicle to be supported by the GT Tuner.

To learn more about our product offering, feel free to stop by our site at
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