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Hello and Good Morning from Idaho. I’m new here and of course come with questions! I have a 2005 Impala SS. A car I bought because it needed a lot of work and I just got it back on the road a few months ago.

I’ll cut to the quick here. It doesn’t have Cruise Control at the moment because the 2-wire plug that comes out of the multifunction switch for the cruise on/off switch was unplugged. I watched videos on where it plugs into, went to my car to plug it in and... nothing... I cannot for the life of me find out where the plug/harness is that I plug the switch wires in. Every video I watched said the plug is on the passenger side of the steering column up under the dash. But I really can’t find anything.

Does anyone know where this plug/harness leads to so I can just put my own in, or can I wire the switch to the CCM to the CC power on wire and splice in ign power to the switch so it can give the CCM its 12VDC like it’s supposed to have, or does that switch wire power other controls and/or go through the PCM first?

If anyone has any input I would appreciate it very much as it would be wonderful to have cruise control on a 7 hour drive we are planning to make in March.

Thanks for reading,

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