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Cruise Control & AC not working

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I have a 2001 Impala and have 2 problems. The AC does not start until I've driven for about 15 mins. It just starts blowing by itself. I normally leave the fan selector at #1 position when I switch off the engine.

With the AC has not started, the controls freezes at the last position. Buttons pressed and knobs turn with no effect. When it has started, the controls & the AC works fine.

The other problem is with the cruise control. It just does not work. Again after driving for 15 mins, it works! Strange as it seems, is the 2 faults connected??

Please help.
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Three things come to mind to check,
1) Make sure that the key returns to the 'RUN' position when you start the engine.
2) This car has a BCM (Body Control Module) there may be a fault in it or a wire that connects to this module. I am not sure how to check this devise.
3) It may be a faulty relay, which one I do not know.

Might have a diagnostic check done on the cars computer and see if it has an idea what to check, sometimes they can help on problems like this.
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