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Your car has a built in BCM (Body Control Module, or a car body computer) which most of the cars electrial systems go through. Many of todays cars have finicky electrical systems. LEDs draw way less currnt than standard bulbs (meaning that they also have less built in resistance), many switches in the cars control ground not power. Many of todays cars rely on a certain amount of resistance inorder for the electrical system to work correctly and when this balance is changed it causes electrical gremlins to appear.

First the easiest thing to try is put the bulbs back that were replaced, and check the behavior of the system. I believe you will find that the problems are gone at that point. And if so then here is several possible causes.
1) The LEDs bulbs resistance is way to low for the BCM to handle properly.
2) The switching system (possible from the BCM) is not grounding properly, thereby causing the LEDs to stay lit when not wanted.
3) There is a back feed from the grounding circuit, which again is a resistance problem.

You may find that if you leave a couple standard bulbs in the system that the rest of the LEDs may work fine. I would try like leaving the back map lights as standard bulbs.

Hope this helps. Kenny
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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