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Greetings all,
I am new to this forum, I joined because I need some help, and I hope to find someone who has experience with this problem.
The hydraulic pump for the convertible top on my 1965 Impala SS has been getting weaker over the last few years. Now, it will not generate enough pressure to close the top, from the open, or down postion. The electric motor runs, and seems to be running at a good speed, but I can see in the plastic hose lines, a lot of air pockets. It looks like what you see in a straw when you're sucking up the last bit of a milkshake.
Is there a way to add fluid to the pump? Does it need to be bled, if so, how, or is there some other issue? Does anyone have experience with these pumps, and can you offer me some advice?

To reiterate, the top will retract, but will not go back up, or close, unless you physically pull it up, while someone holds the switch.

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