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Hi! We have about 105 K miles on our 2000 Impala. Haven't had many issues until recently. Here's my ordeal- we are military stationed oversea's and I was just told that to order left and right complete lower control arms would be about $465.00 b/c we can only get them from the GM dealers here in Europe! Soooooooo....I'm a far cry from even attempting to be car savy so I don't know much but I'm sure I can get these cheaper. My other problem- I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I was told that the car needed 1. new rubber bushings and 2. left and right control arms. Apparently, they need to be a complete kit for that right? Anyway, I have no idea what to type in to search for these parts online myself. I've tried complet lower control arms but I don't get much. Is this something that fits more than the Impala??

Thanks so much for anyone willing to help out!
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