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2014 Impala LT 3.6L
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I purchased a Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera that works with the window mounted GPS used my Impala. I need to locate a convent point in the trunk to access and identify the wire that powers the backup lights so it can be used to power the camera.
The lights themselves are located in the trunk lid, while the camera will of course be located above the license plate. All wiring in the lid, as well as the trunk area itself, is covered by flocked panels held in place by dozens of one time use push fasteners. It's also not clear without disassembly in which of the two trunk supports the wiring is contained.
I'm trying to avoid a bunch of needless disassembly. Has anyone here "been there, done that" that can provide any useful information? Wire color and location would be great, but just knowing which side to take apart would be of help. Thanks in advance!
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