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hello i am new to this forum and has brought my 1st impala 2005 as a project to work on, it was in rough shape and couldn't run and still is having the coolant light & possible leak issue that i heard these models have which i also need some mechanical knowledge on also but with time i got it to start and run but something i noticed today got me thinking, well to start i replaced so far was the
tune up
all filters
radiator flush and new fuilds
full oil change

now here's where it get strange for me when i purchased the vehicle it had 140,000miles when i went to turn it over this morning the dash said now i have only 71,456miles?????
so far i haven't had the check engine light come on or any misfires or really major mechanical issue as far as breaking down but it still has me puzzled can someone explain what this might be???? i really appreciate it.
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