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I've been a car guy and a computer geek all my life...I'm 42. Was an early adopter for DVD, and relatively early for 4K/UHD. I'm in the process of upgrading my storage solution as I'm under 4TB free in the server rack downstairs. I use a Dell PowerEdge R710 with a pair of upgraded processors and 32GB of RAM. Boot drive is a 500GB WD platter, and then 5x4TB as a backup for other storage. I have a Dell PowerVault MD1200 with seven 6TB drives in RAID6 currently. That will be expanded to 24 6TB drives soon. It is a file server and Plex media server.

My upstairs HTPC is a Mini-ITX unit with an i7-8700K @ 5.13GHz across all six cores water cooled. Has 32GB DDR4 in it, and a 250GB Samsung Evo Pro 960 as a boot drive and a Pioneer UHD drive.

The other unit that I use to rip movies, music, and general use is an AMD Threadripper 2920x 12 core at 3.8GHz across all twelve water cooled. Has 64GB RAM in it, with 4x250GB SSD in RAID1 for short term storage, and 2x120GB in RAID1 as a boot. Have three optical drives...all UHD friendly ripping with DVDFab or MakeMKV. It's all powered by a GTX 1660Super, viewed on a 32" Acer UHD monitor. I plan to upgrade it to 128GB RAM and add 10x900GB 2.5" SAS drives in RAID5 this spring.

How about all y'all?
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