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Cold misfire and fuel smell 02 3.4L...

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Sorry if this has been discussed before, I used the search feature and didn't come up with much. My wife and I have a 02 Impala (kinda a plain jane) but it has been a GREAT car for us for the 3 years we have owned it. When we bought it, it was pouring antifreeze out of the lower intake gaskets. I went ahead and replaced them with the perma seal gaskets from felpro and no problems. we have put on roughly 55k in those 3 years and it has intermittantly had a misfire on cold start up, but now is doing it almost every time the vehicle sits the day at work or overnight. I am also noticing a hint of raw fuel smell when I first start it cold. I looked at the pressure regulator and dont see any signs of leakage currently, however it does have some rust running down the side. The smell doesn't last long and the misfire doesn't last long either but I want to fix it before it leads to other bad things. The car has 196k on it, but still feels like it has lots of life left... Any Ideas? Thanks Dave
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I have the same problem on my 2006 Torrent 3.4L. I have eliminated the EGR valve as the culprit (I blocked it off and the cold misfire still occurred). Still don't know what causes it
Is the CEL on computer throwing any codes? When was the last time the plugs and wires was done? What does the air filter look like. Could also be a vacuun leak . MAF needs cleaning.
I would say the Fuel Pressure Regulator. My wife's 05 had that same issue. It didn't look like the regulator was bad but sure enough a few months after the issue started the regulator showed signs of leaking externally. Pulled the vacuum line off it while car is running and see if fuel comes out it.

If that part passes the test I would say it's a ignition issue and it's not burning all the fuel so that's where you could get the raw fuel smell until the catalytic converter gets hot and burns it all up.
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