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Just read another question about which cold-air intake kit to put on a 3.4L Impala. The question makes me go "hmmmm?".

I have an '01 3.4L Impala that appears to have been modified at the factory I believe. Its got beefed up suspension and undercarriage protection and the guys at the oil-change shop tell me my oil filter is in a different place than on any other Impala they've seen.

When I was looking to improve my performance and mileage, I looked at cold-air intakes, but on digging into my motor, seems there is already a hose that runs from behind the left side bumper into the airbox.

Could it be a stock cold air intake?

I've not ever really seen another impala so I can say whats 'normal' and whats 'different'?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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