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My information center is not working right. (or left...) It glows red whether the car is running or not. When the car is running and I open a door, it goes out. It does not say "Door Ajar". When I start the car I see the battery symbol, but then, it just glows red.

Also, the airbag indicator is on, but not always. I did get a new emergency signal button, but have not installed it yet. I was advised here to get one because my turn signals would stop working intermittently. Any ideas on these annoyiong little issues?

My car also leaks on the passenger side, but I have narrowed it down, and will have that fixed. I just don't have the time. I needed to get the blower speed resistor from this damn leak. I guess it shorted it out. I just hope it didn't short out the blower motor itself.....bleh.

Edit to add, I have a 2000 Impala, non-LS. (but its got all the bells & whistles of an LS....)
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