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With the economy a mess and not looking like it will improve any time soon, we wanted to do our share at helping to turn things around. A concept pretty much lost in this day and age is "Lay-A-Way". For those younger owners out there this may be something you are not familiar with. Years ago, before credit cards, merchants would allow their customers a means to "lay" money "away" towards the purchase of products and/or services. A down-payment would be made in cash towards the purchase. Additional payments would be accepted only when the customer could afford it. 0% interest was charged and there was no possibility of a "late fee" or "over-limit fee". Simply put, the customer was able to comfortably make payments on their time-frame and upon receiving the product, would own it out-right with no remaining balance. What a concept huh?

Clear Image Automotive is happy to offer this lost method of payment in hopes it will be re-established nation-wide.

Call or email us for details.

Thanks again.
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