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I just purchased a '69 Caprice, in great shape except that the clear coat is peeling badly and the entire car is spotted with what appears to be old tree sap from one end to the other. Underneath, the paint is in really good shape. Anyone have any advice on removing either without damaging the paint? I've been out there rubbing with tar and bug remover and I'm not making any headway. :frown: Help?

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Thanks for posting pics.

I see the peeling clear coat.

I presume the tree sap is mixed in there as well?

If this was my car, here is what I would do:

1) Wash the heck out of her using Dawn dish detergent.

2) I'd see what a clay bar does, if anything.

3) I'd borrow, buy, or rent a random orbital buffer.
A GOOD one. Not a some crappy thing from Autozone or Wal-Mart.

If you were closer, I'd gladly help you tackle this.
I have everything we'd need.

4) I'd start buffing with the most abrasive polish, see what
happens, and go to the finer polishes.

My particular brand has four grades of polish.

5) I believe that an orbital polisher will take the rest of
your clear coat off.

6) Since this is older / damaged paint, I'd go with a good
paint sealant. It'll hide a lot of small scratches and imperfections
in the paint, and seal it.

7) Finally, I would use a good quality wax, and give her at
least 2-3 coats of it.

This just my .02.

Wanna come up to Salem some time?

I am formally inviting you to Casa de RoadMonster. :smile:

I'd love to help you restore the paint on your beautiful classic! :cool:

i have the same problem with my car what 4 step polish do u use?
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