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I have a 2006 Impala SS. Only mods are a CAI, which was there when I bought it.(Used) It has 108k miles, and I don't think it has ever had the rotors or calipers replaced.

I have been looking around for brake info, and there seems to be a pretty good consensus that EBC is the way to go. I will be doing a suspension upgrade soon, and I want to do the brakes at the same time. Since I have the 18" wheels, could I fit a larger rotor and pad in there? Most websites don't even ask me what my sub-model is, which leads me to believe that the same brakes that fit in 16" wheels are also recommended for my 18". That's cool and all, but if I can get something better/bigger, then shouldn't I go for that?

Here are some of the things that I've found so far.
EBC Front
EBC Rear

Power Stop Full Kit

I know of the controversy surrounding drilled, slotted, and dimpled rotors, but they look so cool... Is it really a big deal to get them, instead of the completely flat surfaced ones, just for lightly spirited driving and braking?

Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer black and silver(as in bright silver/metal) for the colors, although I'm not opposed to red or blue calipers.

I would also like to keep it under $600. Or at least around that ballpark.


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I run the EBC GD series slotted and dimpled rotors. They don't warp like the GM units did.
I used Raybestos Advanced Technology pads. You don't need to replace calipers unless you have one that's seized up and ceramic racing pads will just eat the rotors up and make a lot of noise.

I flushed the nasty brown brake fluid out with fresh Pentosin Super DOT4. I use the Pentosin DOT4 LV in the German cars. Pentosin comes in .5L & 1L metal cans rather than plastic bottles so it has a 5 year shelf life. O'Rileys and Advance carry it so you can buy local.

Lube the pins with Sil-Glyde and the threaded bolts with the Nickel Anti-Seize.
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