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Good afternoon,
I belong to all the 9c1/impala/caprice forums. I own two cars, a 92/9c1 and a 91 Caprice Classic. I bought them both for little or no money and fixed them up to be daily drivers. I may never go back to "other" cars again. My caprice has been painted so all emblems are gone. It has a cold air intake, K&N filter, 9c1 front sway bar, double stock rear bars, poly bushings and monroe special duty shocks. I have made my own mech. fan delete and put in an electric with three settings and another fan for the A/C. I have put the eibach lowering springs on the rear and will put the fronts on this week. It gets a new idler arm as well. All the brakes have been replaced and it has a flowmaster on the single exhaust with cat internals deleted. I am looking for the easiest to install ceramic headers and true duals. The engine is a Lo3 and on long drives the best mpg if have got is 31.8 at 65 with no a/c. I have it registered in Idaho so no smog. I am going to test some rally 15 inch wheels next week and the rears are ten inch with 5.5 inch backset. Any of you have any idea if the caprice narrower rear end will take the 5.5 setback and if the 295's will fit into the skirted wheel well? They are appealing because they are 5 on 5. I have tried the spacers and found the ride to be compromised. It wandered too much. I like my car and have over 50k on it in three years and all trouble free. I drive it 100 miles per day to work in Hollywood, I build houses for the "industy" Thats about it, What say U?
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