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i own a 2002 chevy impala 2002 with the 3400v6 base model and it started yesterday good and by time i leave work my car is having a really hard time going into reverse when i put it into R it sorta makes a baby jerk and dose notta but just rev up when i give it gas when i go to put it in drive it makes a very very small jump and then drives fine not one problem im think the other day i was coming to a stop an my brakes started acting up so i hit the e brakes slowing the car down fast got down to less then 6mph and it wasn't stopping so i put it in park at it slid and then stopped wait for about 5 min's to catch my self and then drove straight home with out 1 problem my dad thinks the trans might be messed up or need a fulid change /flush any help ???
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