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I already asked a question about the cooling system but I am pretty sure it is in my cluster. The temperature gauge works fine most of the time and my car doesn't over heat and is at the correct level. I am wondering if the guage has a malfuntion will the message center still tell me the engine is over heating. For instance if the gauge is reading 140 but the temperature is really approaching over heating will I still get the warning. I could honestly care less about fixing the gauge as long as the warning center will still function. I usually let my gas get low just to make sur ethe warning center works for that and it does I would NOT want to test the cooling system like that.

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I have a 2001 IMpala 3.8L with 73K miles and recently my check engine light came on. When iI had it checked it said the temperature was operating below normal, they changed the sensor and it worked fine til this morning when my temp gauge dipped backdown again and the check engine light came back on.
Any words of advice?
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