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Looking into buying a used car and all roads lead back to a impala. I don't have much money for a car and impalas seem to be pretty inexpensive when I match it with many others. What I worry about is the reliability and maintanence of these types of cars. I really like the older models (police car) type fell in love with the style and size of it. If you have any info on some pro and cons of this car please help!!!
I have an 88 Buick Riveria now and I am grateful for it but I need something better.

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What years are you interested in and how much do you have to spend?
Yeah thats a good question. But if you are lookin at 2000-2005 models, then I can tell you that I have an '01 and I love that car. Its the BEST, most reliable car I've ever owned, and when I got it, I wasnt even thinkin bout gettin another car. The last one I had was a 98 intrepid :mad: There was so much bad about that situation, I prolly wont get into it, but with this car, its easy to maintain. Its quiet, runs smooth, and if you're the type that like to add extra stuff, there's all kinda things you can do with it. But if you're lookin to put a flipout radio in it, be careful about what you buy. DO NOT buy a dual flipout for it, go for a poineer, or even double dins are the best thing for those.

I know thats a lot to grasp, but just giving my input, tryin touch all bases. Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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