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How do I find out the manufacturer's recommended tires for my 2001 chev impala? I tried to look through the owner's manual that came with it and I could not find anything. The front tires are worn out and need to buy new ones before winter becomes severe. Detailed specifications is what I would like.

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The tires that were on it will more than likely cost more than a good set from your local tire dealer. I at one time wanted to replace a set of pickup tires that came on a truck that I had bought new and the tire dealer that carried the brand showed me that the cost were about 50% higher than a set of better tires they carried.
Some things to think about are where you live, do you live where it snows very little or quite a lot? You may want all season tires or tires more rated for snow. Do you drive alot on the highway or city driving, some tires are more quiter than others.
Best advise would be to talk to your local tire dealer. A good one will talk to you about your choices and give you the pros & cons for each selection.
I use WalMart because of price, selection, and I can get my flats fixed practically anywhere for free.
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