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if you just want centercaps to have centercaps, then there are other ones that will fit, but if you are looking for the ones with the chrome hexagon in the middle with an impala logo, good luck. i used to want those, but couldnt find them for less than 60 a piece

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Courtesy of Chris McCabe
These caps are all of the same design and are interchangeable
9592325--97 Malibu with gold malibu logo
9592873--98/99 Malibu with carbon fiber background and Chrome bowtie
9593410--98/99 Monte Carlo with Black background and Red Bowtie.
9593412--98/99 Lumina LTZ with Black background and Chrome Bowtie
9592229--94/96 Impala SS You all know what they look like.
10119598--93/96 Camaro. Black background and Camaro in center. Also says Chevrolet around the base of the chrome nut type thing in the center"
These are all the same style as the standard Impala SS caps with minor cosmetic differences in background or Bowtie color.
Some of the "flat" caps that fit Impala SS rims...
9593521--Pronounced convex shape. Silver with small dark Grey Bowtie.
15988450--94/99 Blazer. Slightly convex with large Bowtie outline.
9593128--Truly flat except for the small raised Bowtie.
Olds Sillouette van centers don't fit Impala SS rims due to their larger diameter....
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