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So I purchased a Pioneer AVIC - F900 BT in dash double din Nav unit, got it installed at Best Buy the other day.

After everything said and done, the car had to be jumped when he finished installing. The car started right up when I picked it up, and had no issue till the next day when my car would not start - i've jumped it six or seven times in the past few days.

When you turn the key it clicks and you hear some chimes, but the car does not turn over. The nav unit still turns on, and everything else that is ran off the battery will work.

I'm using the GMOS-lan1 harness

The factory radio was just put back in and I have not had to jump the car yet

Any input is greatly appreciated, as I do not feel like shelling out more and more cash, not knowing what the exact problem is.

Do I need a GMOS LAN 1 capable of being installed with amplified systems? I have an Impala SS with the six speaker system, and mp3 player.
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