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can i use the digital dash from a bubble caprice 91-96 in a chevy caprice 1990

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Probably not

without a LOT of work. The gauge clusters are not the same shape, and I'm certain the wiring harness is different. If you really want to, I'm sure it's possible. That's not taking into account that the computers are most certainly TOTALLY different. If you want digital gauges it'd be easier to go with a set of autometer or some similar aftermarket gauges.

I changed from a 91 cluster to a 94 cluster in my pickup (chevy silverado) and it took me about 10 days, and an additional computer mine didn't have, to get it working right. My abs still doesn't work, and neither does my cruise. That's just 3 years difference, and the same body style.

I sincerely wish you good luck.
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