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I looked on Ebay and found some keyless entry kits for good prices, but most of them said something about that they are compatible with an Impala that came with a factory keyless entry. I dont quite understand this as I was under the impression that you could get a keyless entry kit for any vehicle as long as it had electric locks. Can anyone tell me the answer?

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I am from Montreal and most people here have keyless entry and alot of people have remote start also, whether factory or aftermarket. You are right. As long as you have power door locks, it can be installed. Places like Pep Boys or Autozone in the Us should have a basic keyless entry kit. So does Walmart, Best Buy, maybe Circuit City. Most places that have car stereo and speakers should have it also. You should have it installed where ever you buy it from. They are more knowleagable about the problems that might come up and usually have a guarentee on their work.
A simple kit starts at about $50 here. Hi-end kits are about $400 with 2-way remote (that tells you that the care received the signal or if something has set off the alarm and at what part of the car), alarm, start, trunk release, and can be used up to 2000 yards away.
The kits that you saw that say they are compatable with factory systems probably have a remote start function or aftermarket alarm. Why buy a remote keyless kit if it came factory, right ? If you live in an area with snow and cold or super hot like Florida or Arizona, a remote start is a good option. Hope this helps.
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