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The poster who cut-and-pasted should not be chastised for giving the information that was requested, especially considering the responder who criticized is incorrect in a number of ways.

First off, there was a 375hp engine, but it was a 396. This engine was not advertised but it is common knowledge that it was built. With 3099 made, it's not exactly obscure, but many sources ignore this engine - commonly known as the L78.

In the previous year, the L79 327/350 was available, but for some reason they skipped in '66, only to return in '67 (but, I believe, with 325hp). Some people claim a few were built on the Chevelle - many were built on the Nova - but there is not documentation.

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i could but it would be more fun to show you...jk
i really don't know what you want to know..
but i probably have the answer

the best thing i can tell you is
" it is a much better car than anything sold today "

some of the above facts are wrong ie they could be had with a 375 hp 327..
that was the top hp motor
when people copy the misprints of others it show one thing..
neither one knew what they were writing about

ps the 66 was NOT leaner they got bigger and heavier every year

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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

Click for larger Picture

1966 Chevrolet Paint codes

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The 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle promised to be leaner and hungrier than ever before. Touting new styling and a range of performance options the Chevelle remained the viable choice for many. Packed with both style and performance the ’66 Chevelle was offered in four series, including: “SS” Super Sport 396, Malibu, Chevelle 300 Deluxe and Chevelle 300 models that included; convertibles, sport coupes and sedans, wagons, and 2 and 4-door sedans.
The all new styling boasted big new looks with a broad new grille and bumper, a more raked roof line, chrome accents, and a curved side window. Two simulated scoops, which would become a SS signature, were also introduced this year.
Depending on the model, most Chevelles packed a 120hp 194 Six or a 195hp 283 V8 as standard, although you could get up to 275hp with a 327 V8. Super Sport 396 models included a 325hp 396 V8 as standard, and a 360hp 396 V8 could be ordered.
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