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I have a 1995 Pontiac Trans Am. If my exhaust manifold is leaking, can I experience HP/power loss? If so any idea how much? And if there is a power loss can the loss get worse over time?

When I floor the car, it still flies and doesn't appear to be missing anything. But when I am accelerating at more of a normal pace, it seems like the car is weaker than it should be. Could this be from the leak, or am I just pysching myself out???

I do plan on replacing the manifold gaskets, or replacing the manifold with headers but it could be a while so I am wondering the effect it'll have on the car in the meantime.
The car has 180,000 miles. It runs great, has had preventive works. This is the only problem with the engine. The manifold has been leaking for at least 1500 miles
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