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buick roadmaster and cadillac doors interchangeble?

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someone kicked my front driver side door in on my 1993 cadillac fleetwood and messed it up big time, more work to fix it than its worth. the car was a project so no insurance, went to the junkyard to find one and there were no cadillacs there but there was a buick roadmaster there. to me the doors look exactly the same, do you think they are interchangeable. heres a car like mine and here is a buick cept its mirror was on the door they also had one of these let me know thanks
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Yes, the front doors of the 91-96 Roadmaster, Fleetwood, and Caprices (sedan and wagon) are all interchangeable. Only major differences on the door shells are the exterior moldings and how they mount. 92-94 Roadie sedans have the chrome moldings held on by metal pins and plastic clips. All model year Caprice/RM wagons have the clips and pins also. 95/96 Roadmaster sedan chrome moldings are held on only by tape. Also, the mirrors are different on 91-94 cars VS the 95/96 which have larger mirrors mounted in a different spot. Of course you will also have to swap your door panels and necessary wiring over since that stuff is different on the Fleetwood. :smile:
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