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So, I come out of work to leave for the day, go to open my car, and this happens...

Anyone else have their door handle break while opening the door? I am assuming I need a new handle but I wanted to ask before I pulled the door panel and ordered parts.

My wife and I bought a new 2008 Impala LTZ. Within the first year, the LF and RF door handles pulled away from the door when it was opened (separate times). Both were replaced under warranty. The dealer said they were doing a lot of the handles under warranty and were keeping them in stock at the time. The rear doors rarely were used, so I suspect they did not pull out due to lack of use.

After the warranty expired, I replaced the LF and RR door actuators. Another common failure item on the 8th generation Impalas.

No inclement weather when our door handles broke - but do you live in an area with freezing temperatures? Have you ever pulled-open the door when the weatherstrip was frozen to the body? Just an idea, but maybe the plastic became stressed or fractured.

Later, I helped a friend replace the LF door handle on his Impala - easy, if you have basic mechanical skills.
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