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Blower Motor wont turn off even when car turned off

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In my 92 Roady - My blower fan wont turn off even when the car is turned off and the key is out of the ignition. I replaced the blower fan motor a year ago (salvage yard blower) and just recently replaced the Climate control panel (thinking that could be it) and it still wont turn off. I have to unplug the blower motor just so it wont keep running. What should I look for now? Could it be a bad blower motor?
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Chances are that it's the blower control module.

It's up under the passenger footwell - 5 minute easy fix.

ISSF is down or I'd post pics, but a quick google (or a forum member with info at hand) should give you the location and part # for RMS/Parts Online/Whoever you tend to use.

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