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I would suggest you goto

(seems you'll have to copy and paste-highlight/right click/click on copy/click on address bar/right click/click on paste/you're there.

and input the brand & model of the radio you want. it will give you the best price (it includes both 3 and brick stores)
you will need the brand and model of the radio you want. you can do this by
1. going to stores
2. google "radio's with flip out DVD players"

my suggestion would be to go to stereo places and ask questions-they would be the best equiped to know the add on abilities of the different units.

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Xsports really has no idea, since Dual is an up an coming company and their products rival Pioneer and surpass Kenwood. He really needs to do his homework.

I found 2 at that are good buys. Both are DVD/CD/MP3, both have A/V outputs for video screens in the rear of the vehicle, both are also flip out screens. Look on as well.
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