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Hi all. I bent the pinch weld at the rear passenger jack location on my '07 awhile back (I think it was last year).

From looking at the design of the jack that comes with the car, it looks like the slot in it is deep enough that the jack is actually pushing up against the underside of the rocker panel. Is that actually the case? I've used the jack a couple of times since bending the pinch weld to jack the car up and it seems like it has been fine, by which I mean I don't see anything bending unusually or hear anything unusual and it doesn't look like anything other than the pinch weld has been bent. The slot of the jack still fits over the pinch weld and I think it's contacting the bottom of the rocker panel as it lifts the car - does this sound right?

If that's the case then I think it can still be used a jack stand location, with slotted adapters. I caught that I was bending the pinch-weld pretty early in damaging it and I think I might have some luck at bending it back. Might be worth checking in with a body shop or something to see if it can be re-inforced.

A couple of side notes:
- it sounds like the rockers are often quite rusty on these cars to the "crunchy brown" point where they won't support much of anything. I don't think mine has that issue (yet) and I think there's still decent structure there.
- I have seen the suggestion to use the subframes that are inside and toward the front from the rear jack points. I'm not that comfortable with putting a jack under that without some kind of pad and not certain I want to use 2X4 either so I'm treating it as a 2nd choice location if I can't convince myself the original is useable.

They really didn't give us many choices for jacking/supporting the rear of these.


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