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Ok so an hour ago I went for a ride with my dad in my '04 and it happens to be really windy (like it pushed our wood gazebo 2 feet) and arriving at out destination, obviously he "pushed" the passenger door open...and now its flexing when closing it.

When I close it the door goes down a bit to latch, but the door crack closest to the hood downwards its almost touching, so I cant just apply pressure down on the door for the risk of the "crack touching" and bending the metal.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I could just move the "latch" so the door doesn't hit it, right? I so the door should latch good, but the thing is the top left part of the passenger door isn't touching fully so I am worried about leaks.

Any ides or opinion? Should I just bring to someone that knows the stuff?


EDIT: oh and the hinges seemed to have "lifted off" of the metal its attached too so maybe its the metal thats bent....?
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