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Well I finally found out why my headlights would not work, Acid ate the wire that controls it lol

Dealership said it would cost around $1800-$2k to fix .

This is what they typed up
There is an open in the ground between s173 and c106.
The Battery is leaking acid and has likely corroded the wire harness in this area.
Recommend further tear down and inspection.
Removed the battery, crossbar, and fuse box. Unwrapped harness to find multiple wires eaten in half by the battery acid. The acid has worked from the batter area into the harness. Because there are multiple wires (Including wires that are a twisted pair, 02 and/or Speed sensor wires,Replacement of the complete damaged wire harness is recommended. Battery and Tray Replacement also recommended.

My cars value is worth $3k at this point. Should I try to find some place to do this cheaper? Will I be able to sell it like to someone as long as I aware them of the damages? Figured I could get at least $1500 for it.

Would like to hear some suggestions on what to do. I currently have another car to drive so I don't need this vehicle for transportation.

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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