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battery charging system

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:smile:hi everyone i just wanted to know when the service battery charging system light appears what does that mean
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Typically it means check the charging system....start by checking the terminals on the battery for corrosion or anything that looks off (sometimes there is something on the terminals that looks green or like powder all over) also make sure they dont move freely when you check them, if they do clean and tighten them. Look at the battery itself and see if there are plastic covers on top that are removable, if so put on some safety glasses and gloves remove one at a time, check to make sure the water level is up and level, if it is look with a flashlight to check and see if any of the holes with water look cloudy (burnt cell is easily identified by cracked cells under the water or cloudy water in the hole) If its low and clear, add water till if fills level with the rest.

If the light stays on after this have the charging system tested, if you are familiar with basic tools we can guide you on how to check the charging system from alternator.
could the batter be dead because sometimes ill have to use jumpers and once the cars starts the battery reacharges but when its off and i use the remote to lock the doors and listen to the radio then try to start it it dosent start thats the only time that light comes on please help me sir am really concernd :smile:
Tell me the year and type of car we are dealing with. How long do you listen to the radio without starting the car?
the person who i just bought the car from says he belivwes its the amp in the back that killed the battery he said all he use to do was listen to the radio with the ignition off could that have been the problem
If you have aftermarket radio equipment in the car it probably draws alot more power than factory. Being that its a very new car I HIGHLY doubt you have any problem with the battery or the car. I am sure the radio stuff is drawing too much power or maybe you are listening to the radio too long without running the car. In my car even with aftermarket radio/amps/speakers and such I can sit thru a whole movie at the drive in and the car starts right up.

I would check or have someone professional check the way your amp is wired.

but all the raidio equipment is factory ill just change the battery the is that a good idea ?
Have it checked before buying a new one, since everything is factory do what I mentioned in my original reply. The battery should not be an issue as new as the car is unless that previous owner or yourself made it a regular occurrence to drain the battery till it was dead often, in which case the cells would be toast.
alright sir ill do that and let u now the status thanks for your advise sir
2007 Impala - new alternator and battery, still Service charging system message and voltage at battery terminal is battery power only 12.5 volts.
Suggestions on how to troubleshoot the charging system - 2007 impala, help would be appreciated.
Hi Rlhinton! Is your Charging System light illuminated? Information regarding your Charging System Light can be found on page 181 of your owners manual. If the light stays on or comes on while you are driving, "It could indicate that you have problems with a generator drive belt, or another electrical problem. Have it checked right away. Driving while this light is on could drain your battery." Please feel free to send me a direct message if you'd like me to investigate further for you!

You may also want to consider starting a new thread with this concern, which may help draw helpful Do-It-Yourselfers' attention to your query.


Chevrolet Customer Service
Check your connections and wiring, and make sure the belt is in good shape, and that the tensioner is also in good shape. Beyond that, I have no idea what the problem would except possibly having gotten a defective alternator, it does happen....
Put your meter on the battery while the engine is running and see voltage , what is it?

I agree with King ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have got a defective new alternator in the past.

Also fully charge your existing battery and then have it load tested. The alternator(s) on these cars is not for charging a battery but for keeping the battery voltage level up.

You can burn them out by trying to get them to charge a defective or a completely drained battery.

Good luck
beyond that, I have no idea what the problem would except possibly having gotten a defective alternator, it does happen....
Yup it does happen , mine went tits up on the third day .
One time, in about a 6 month period, I went through 12 alternators and 6 master cylinders, just because I kept get defective rebuilds.
Mine was brand new :thatswck:
I have the same issue with my 2010 impala. "Service battery charging system" BUT my light only comes on for a few minutes while im driving then goes out, then later on comes on again but never stays on.

I am sorry to hear you are having this concern. Do you plan to have your Chevrolet dealership look into this concern?

Erica Tiffany
Chevrolet Customer Care
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