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Hey all,

Love this section of the forum. Now that I'm here it reminds me of the "General Discussion" section closer to the top of the forums. And I like how the actual site modeling is more like how the whole site probably used to be. A little different at first, but still familiar...I kinda miss the layout over on the other forum.

Anyway, I figured I'd do what a lot of you have probably done already, and share plans for my own ride. It's gonna have to share the spotlight with my other set of wheels though.....a slightly beat-up 2010 Patriot with a weather-beaten 02 on the front doors and an even more weather-beaten Confederate battle flag graphic on the roof....both of which I need to look into getting redone, properly, with paint. And a whole new coat of Sunburst Orange Pearl on the rest of the body.

As for the Impala itself though, I've been driving it a bit more lately, enjoying the leather seats and electric windows a bit, relishing the joy of a classic column shifter, but kinda missing the simple yet familiar cloth seats and crank windows of the Patriot(which I took to Drummond Island a few weeks ago, and now it won't start...thinking I fried the alternator). I'd be happy to provide links to my sadly derelict build thread for the Patriot if anybody wants them, but as for the Impala....

I'm thinking of maybe adding a cold air intake,....

....maybe an exhaust system,....

....buut, I've already got a CB in there, and the front/rear plates taken care of!!!! Still need to get the paint taken care of sometime though, and rewire it so the headlights don't come on when the switch is off. Government calls it a safety feature, I call it my own generation's sheer laziness, with some help from some folks in the older generations. Gonna make this a car to be proud of. If I want lights on, I'm dang well capable of pulling a stupid switch to make them come on myself. Standard headlights too. I can see just fine without screwing up everybody else's eyes just to give off some impression of false "cool".

I'm thinking blue with dual white racing stripes once I get it fixed up a little.

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