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Nice car Sprocket. Do you know if that color was availible on a Roadmaster? I saw a Roadmaster wagon in that same color yesterday.
It's called Flame Red Metallic. Dunno if it was avail on the Buick. Mine is shot, the clear coat coming off the other side pretty bad.

Thanks for the compliments, came out of the grocery store Friday night and this guy was scoping it out. I rolled up with my cart and he starting asking about the car. Said he took one look at it and just loved the lines of the car. He was REALLY surprised when he found out it was a '92. He thought it was new and wanted one! I quickly informed him I had another one for sale :biggrin: but he said at this point in his life (older gentleman) that he was only interested in owning a new vehicle.
1 - 4 of 132 Posts
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