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At least now I know who to call next time I have an Ice Emergency. :biggrin:
Wagon was sold to me with all the stickers still on it and with the pushbar still on it. BUT, the department had taken off the spotlight. Go figure.

I drove it that way for a few months until some cops waved at me like I was one of them. Figured it was time to do something before I became a felon for impersonating.

I took the "POL" off. My wife took off a bunch of the other stickers since she was embarrassed to be seen in the car. She never finished the job since I didn't really want all the stickers off.

Car became known as "The Ice Wagon." I had many jokers ask me about "emergency ice" but it was probably good that my wife had taken off the "911" stickers below "EMERGENCY." Car was popular at car shows because most people in Ohio have never seen a police wagon.

Guy I sold it to (Nemesis on the SS Forum) took off the rest of the stickers.
1 - 4 of 132 Posts
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