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B-Body info needed

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I need a source for lowering springs and shocks on a mid 90's wagon
How much difference is there between the sedan and wagon stuff?
Front the same need different rate for rear?
I dont mess with this style car much and dont want trial and error,just a bolt on
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Should be able to choose sedan front springs in roughly the height you want, most of the wagon's extra weight is in rear.

How much drop are you looking for? I am not into lowering so I don't know what is available off the top of my head, but if I know what you are looking for maybe I can come across something useful.
Well there are several options available for the springs.
Vogtland are the most popular and the sedan springs will fit on a wagon, there are several different spring rates available too. Look for a company called Rustic Racing, he is a B-body suspension guru and can answer all of your questions. He can be a little hard to get a hold of but he does know his stuff when it comes to the 91-96 B-bodies.
Don't buy anything from Rustic till he takes care of the customers he has left hanging.
Well I would have figured he'd gotten most of that sorted out by now.
At least email him and try and get some part numbers out of him.

I have H&R springs on my wagon personally but I have no idea how low they are or how they ride. My engine decided to spin a bearing the night of the swap right as I was taking it out on the maiden voyage.

I have offered to go take this car apart so Rustic can have the parts fixed and this guy could reinstall them and enjoy the car when he gets home. Rustic keeps refusing to respond.

Just yesterday or maybe it was thursday someone else posted about taking the same arms off their car because the spring pockets are the wrong depth.

People don't know the difference between quality and reputation and they are NOT necessarily linked. Reputation is more about marketing than results.
Yeah he ignored me when I tried to give him money so I canceled my order with him, I just figured that in close to 6 months he would have fixed this problem.

Back to the original topic, all the springs listed for a sedan will fit on a wagon, if you plan on still using the car to haul stuff you will need to use air shocks or air bags that go inside the springs the keep the rear end from bottoming out.
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