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I have a question for the collective wisdom of the Impala forum. I have a 2009 9C1, 60,000 miles. Here is the issue and background:

I've been hearing clicking /clunking noises coming from the left transmission axle, and it has been getting worse. No other symptoms. I figure that the axle needs replacing. Got one from RockAuto. Went over to my brother-in-law's house and jacked it up and took off everything that I needed to (I've replace axles a few times on other cars) and I can't seem to remove the axle from the transmission. After lots of prying with an extension on a pry bar, it breaks free. Great, I thought. However what happened was the the axle pulled the transmission output shaft out of the transmission several inches. I didn't know that was possible. Did something in the trans break? I still was not able to separate the axle from the trans shaft.
I applied heat from a propane torch for over 5 minutes and tapped it with a hammer and finally I was able to see some movement between the axle and trans shaft. But I still could not get the axle off. Maybe I need to grab the trans shaft with something to hold it in place while I pull on the axle?

So I managed to put the trans shaft back in place (felt like a clip maybe holds it in the trans?) and drive the car back home, about 2 miles away.

So I'm not sure what to do from this point. Find something to hold the output shaft and try again, take it to a transmission shop, or put on hearing protection so I don't hear the sound :)

Did this ever happen to anyone on the forum? Any advice welcome. Thanks.
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