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Hey guys Im looking into getting an 06+ impala and I had a few questions about putting air suspension on it. First is what is the difference between previous years and the 06+ impalas suspensions. Would kits from previous years work on the newer models?

I found this kit which is the air struts and it says they fit 00-06 impalas

I found something on another site that had a kit relocating the shocks for air suspension. Do you need to keep the shocks and relocate them when you go to air?

Also on I found a good looking kit that comes with everything for around 1500 but it says it fits 96-06 impalas. This strikes me a little weird as I wouldn't think suspension parts for a 96 impala would fit an 06. But then again I don't know much about impalas so someone let me know whats up with that.

And one last question is there a difference between 06 impalas and 07+ impala suspensions? All the kits ive seen only go up to 06 impalas but say nothing for 07+. Whats up with that?

The more answers and info I can get the better, thanks anyone.
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