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Anyone inetersted in stainless steel gauge faces from US Speedo

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Hey Guys and Gals, I recently swapped out my base 2000-2005 cluster for an SS cluster and I am about to swap out the stock lights for new light blue LED’s and while I am at it I want to change the gauge faces out for a set of stainless steel ones I saw from US Speedo. Only issue is that they no longer have them in stock and won’t make a single set for me. I have to buy a pack of 6 and sell the rest. I really want this but can’t justify buying 6 for 1. So my question for you is does anyone want to buy a set of Stainless Steel/Blue lettering gauge faces? It’ll be for cost and whatever shipping you want it for.
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Is that the actual picture of the gauges? It seems like the wrong setup.
No Its the only one that I could find on the internet for that stainless steel/ blue. A friend of mine has it on his truck and it looks great. Once I get the pic from US Speedo on it I will share it out to the group.
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Looks cool. Too bad they only offer from 2000-2005, I wish they offered for '06+ because it would be nice to get a set for my '08 Impala SS

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